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Updated: 12/16/01

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Sunday, 16 December, 2001

Generally speaking, it has been (as my cousin Jeff would say) a "Seinfeld Day." A day in which nothing really dramatic or noteworthy happens.

I went skating in the park in the morning. It felt even colder than yesterday, but at least there was no wind this time. Frustrated that I am not better at skating. I mean, I understand the mechanics of it, but it seems the physics of my body are not cooperating fully. Yeah, I know. It takes time.

Procrastination at its finest today. I really had good intentions of going to the photo shop to get enlargements made. I plan to give two framed pictures as Christmas presents this year, but I have to get the photos made first. Then I can find frames, cut the mats and frame them - by Friday. But I just didn't feel like schlepping over to the shop today. So there.

My fallback procrastination position was: "It would be easier to go to the store during my lunch break tomorrow."

[Good thought, Kay.]

Unfortunately, I have since remembered that David and I planned to go buy Carol's present tomorrow, and since that's the only day he's in this week, we'll need to do that instead.


Consolation prize: I remembered that I have two big matboards already, so I do not have get those. Ya see, if I hadn't procrastinated, I might have made an unnecessary trip to Pearl Art. Nicely justified.

Guilt assuaging actions: I did laundry, vaccuumed, went through the mail, filed papers and cleaned the bathrooms. OK, can I have dessert now?

I watched "Crimes and Misdemeanors" on DVD. My feeling on Woody Allen in general is that I wish I liked him more than I do. I liked "Annie Hall", but aside from that, I feel sometimes that watching his films is akin to reading certain Literature Classics. I'd like to be able to say that I've read them, but the process of actually doing so isn't all that enjoyable.

Quote du jour:

Procrastination is the /
art of keeping up with yesterday.
-- Don Marquis, Archy and Mehitabel

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