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Updated: 12/15/01

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Saturday, 15 December, 2001

The rain has stopped, but now it's windy. I could tell it was windy at 4:30 a.m. when the boats in the marina started rocking and various metal doo-dad's on the lines started clanging against the masts.

[Clang. Clang-clang. Creak. Clang.]

So as I channel-surfed at 5:00 a.m., I had a question. Who actually watches all those Paid Programming Infomercials that plague the cable stations during the wee hours? I mean, how many people actually find themselves in the market for:

~The Abtronic Workout System~
~The Ultravection Oven~
~Illuminated Fashion Motion Bracelets~
~The Raised Aerobed~

at that hour? Maybe we're more susceptable to the powers of suggestion then.

I did notice that I wasn't the only person up at that hour though. Ugly Naked Guy was awake and posing before his bathroom mirror. Ugly Naked Guy lives on the Pier across the marina from mine and he is one of the people who doesn't seem to realize that when it is dark outside, an illuminated condo becomes a terrarium. On the other hand, maybe he does realize it and he's just an exhibitionist. Either way, dude seems to be overly fascinated by his own birthday suit.

The Alien came out to find me and we went back to bed for a while. I had to stop by THE HOUSE to drop off a check for Barry this morning. He was preparing the den wall frame for a steel beam that will be delivered on Monday. I was pleased to hear that after seven months of begging, the City had finally come out to repair a broken water pipe in the street that had turned the wine cellar into a "cee-ment pond" for most of the year.

Despite the wind, I went out to Fairmount Park to skate. It was fine going one direction, but really "in your face" on the way back. White caps on the Schuylkill River. Yikes.

Which reminds me of one of my favorite comments from last night's dinner. When Hector the waiter asked us if we'd like bottled water or tap water, Kim replied, "Oh, Schuylkill Punch will be fine." Heh, heh. Well, maybe you had to be there.

Mom is home! She flew back to California from Hawaii and she'll stay until after the end of the year. Then she'll go back and stay with our friends the Fanchers. She said both Dad and the cat seem to be glad to have her home. It feels good to have her home, even though it's still three timezones away.

Quote du jour:

Every man's neighbor
is his looking glass.
-- English Proverb

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