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Updated: 12/17/01

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get new christmas tree lights at rite aid

that one unlit section of the balcony lights

Monday, 17 December, 2001

David and I went to buy Carol's Christmas present at lunch today. We got her.....well, I can't publicize what we got her now, can I?? Ya'll will have to wait until after she opens it.

Since I was out, I figured that I would stop procrastinating and go to the photo shop to get the enlargements made. So with a nice little mental pat on the back I walked to the subway, took the train over to University City, walked a couple of blocks to the camera shop and went to the place in the back of the store where the machine was.

Note, gentle readers, the use of the past tense in the previous sentence. Was. The machine WAS there and is no longer. Because they got rid of it.

A brief moment of angst ensues. Righty-O. Plan Two goes into effect. Smaller enlargements, bigger mats because the shop can make 8 x 12s on the premises. I shall pick them uptomorrow - I also spied a couple of nice frames that will work well. *huzzah*

Now, I have a question. What use, praytell, are the little replacement bulbs in the packages of Christmas tree lights? I noticed that a quarter of one of my balcony light strings was not lit, so I went out and found the first bulb that wasn't lit and replaced it.


Does that mean that bulb is good, and I just need to keep searching for the faulty culprit? Or is that bulb really rotten AND there is another one that also needs to be replaced.

Bigger question in all this: do I a) spend some quality time on the chilly balcony testing all of the dark lights in the string, or b) go buy a replacement strand at Rite Aid?

Yeah, I thought so.

It is now Christmas minus one week, but aside from the above mentioned balcony lights and a vase of ornaments on the dining room table, that's it for the holiday decorations. Not that I don't have ornaments. I have, in fact, several huge plastic bins of stuff that I bought last year after the holidays, but it is all in the basement of the rowhouse. See, I kind of figured that I would be in the new house by now, so....

[Never mind.]

Quote du jour:

Holidays / Have no pity.
-- Eugenio Montale, Selected Poems

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