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Sunday, 04 November, 2007

A very Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad - 53 years! Even if they are celebrating in different states right now. We'll celebrate again when they are in Philly later this month.

[Cue Flintstones music.]

Speaking of anniversaries, Gary and I celebrated our six month anniversary last night - in Bermuda. I "kidnapped" him on Friday morning - his birthday - and we flew to Bermuda for the weekend. Since we spent his last birthday in Seattle with Jeff and Lucia, I decided I should try to take him someplace every year. I have business in Bermuda next week so I figured as long as I would be coming down, we could spend a couple extra days as well.

Unfortunately just as we were arriving so were the outer bands of Hurricane Noel, so we spent a lot more time inside than I had intended. We stayed at a lovely hotel called Pink Beach, in a seaside cottage. Very seaside as it turned out! We did go to the Bermuda Aquarium on Saturday and shopped for rugby shirts in Hamilton. And had some terrific meals at Pink Beach.

This morning, after having rain and 25 mph winds since our arrival, we awoke to bright sunshine, blue skies and not even a breath of wind. After breakfast we headed down to the beach (and yes, it IS pink), laid out on chaise lounges, swam and read for about three hours. It was a nice way to end the weekend and we talked about the next time we come back. It really is an easy trip from Philly - 1 1/2 hour non-stop flight.

Around noon we packed up everything and the car dropped Gary off at the airport and me at the Hamilton Princess where I will spend the next three days before going to London on Wednesday evening.

[It's going to be a long week.]


[Only 2,284 more needed for our Wine Cellar Wall!]

Quote du jour:

"Expect the best, plan for the worst,
and prepare to be surprised."

Denis Waitley (1933 - ____) US Navy pilot; motivational speaker

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