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Updated: 25/11/07

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Sunday, 25 November, 2007

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! On Tuesday, Mom and Dad arrived and they will be staying for two weeks. Also that evening we had Jeff and Lucia, Ron and Pam, Jim and Zoe, Jen, Davis, Isa and Raphael over for dinner - what fun to see them all! Jim helped carry a TV set over from the rowhouse and we set up a DVD player in Josh's room so that the kids could watch movies. And everyone brought corks for the wine cellar - I'm really going to have to get them cut and glued.

On Wednesday, Gary and I went to work, but finished up early. We had a "vaca frita" dinner for everyone, adding Mark and Mary and Selso and Paul. It was so nice to have everyone in town for several days. Mark and Mary presented us with a wedding gift - engraved wine glasses with our names and our wedding date. They brought enough for everyone to take one home with them, plus some extras for us. It felt just like having a wedding reception.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I was in charge of desserts while Gary prepared THREE turkeys. He did two roasted and one barbecued on the grill. Gary's Mom and Josh came over for Thanksgiving dinner around 2:00 - she also brought an apple cake and banana bread - and we all ate way too much and watched football in the afternoon.

Gary had to work on Friday until around 2:30, so Mom and Dad and I just hung around during the day. I swept up the leaves from the Evil Tree across the street. It is due to be cut down on Tuesday, so it was doing the best it could to throw all its leaves onto our sidewalk before its departure. I saw Rose and invited her for dinner on Saturday evening. The family arrived a little before 7:00 and we had Chinese food delivered. It was nice and relaxing.

On Saturday we had a pretty quiet day with lots of college football on TV. The caterers arrived around 5:30 and set up all the food stations and tables. Both sides of the family - mine and Gary's - arrived around 7:00 and we had almost 40 people in the house for dinner. Everyone seemed to have a good time and the food was very nice. We tried to get anyone still in town to come back for dinner on Sunday, but they declined.

Family 1

Family 2

Sunday was a very lazy day. Once we finally got up, we watched football all afternoon, and didn't even move to the dining room for dinner. We had quite a varied buffet for dinner - turkey, chinese, satays, potatoes, veggies, noodles, rice - whew! I think it will last us for quite a while.

[At least until Monday.]


[Only [some number less than 2,284] more needed for our Wine Cellar Wall!]

Quote du jour:

"It was dramatic to watch [my grandmother] decapitate [a turkey] with an ax the day before Thanksgiving. Nowadays the expense of hiring grandmothers for the ax work would probably qualify all turkeys so honored with 'gourmet' status."

Russell Baker (1925 - ____) US journalist, author, humorist

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