Diddakoi W W

Yellow Bear

Yellow Bear. Beloved toy or haunted teddy?

Each day when we leave, Yellow Bear is lying somewhere in the house. When we return, he has moved. While we have never seen any physical evidence of poltergeists, the ability of Yellow Bear to transport himself up and down stairs and across rooms without any visable assistance is astounding.

Suki has denied any involvement.

21st - Kitchen
22nd - Master Bedroom
25th - Back in the Kitchen

4th - Living Room
6th - Master Bedroom Closet
7th - Master Bedroom
8th - Living Room
9th - Little Dining Room
10th - Little Dining Room, different spot
12th - Little Dining Room, different spot
13th - Little Dining Room, different spot
14th - Little Dining Room, different spot
21st - Master Bathroom, Yoga position
23rd - Master Bedroom
25th - Master Bathroom

5th - Master Bathroom
8th - Master Bedroom
10th - Master Bathroom
12th - Little Dining Room
13th - Master Bedroom
14th - Kitchen
22nd - Stairs
22nd - Den
23rd - Little Dining Room
25th - Den Entryway
26th - Master Bathroom
29th - Little Dining Room
30th - Big Dining Room
31st - Kitchen

13th - Little Dining Room
13th - Den
26th - Den
27th - Little Dining Room
30th - Master Bedroom

16th - Little Dining Room
18th - Master Bedoom
19th - Master Closet