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Updated: 10/21/02

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poor plants

Monday, 21 October, 2002

Tis a dark day. Brightened, of course, by the ANGELS defeating the evil Giants last night. Too tramatic - and late - for me to watch the whole thing, but they pulled it off 11-10 in the end. Dad is happy.


But darkness continues. It seems it is about time that I traded in my poor old Psion Palmtop PDA for a more modern, up-to-date, and - here's the key point - "back-up-able" machine. Seems that try as I might, my cable hook-up between my Psion and my laptop is not to be. I downloaded the appropriate programs over the weekend and tried repeatedly to get the two beasts to talk, but no such luck.

Which is a shame because I really do love my little Psion. Unfortunately, the company that makes them announced that they were no longer going to be manufacturing these gems, leaving the field to the Palms and Sonys of the world. My little machine, which is seven years old and a bit cranky and fussy at times, is one of a dying breed. The Psion message boards ring out with pitiful pleas: "Does anyone know where I can find a replacement?"

I would continue to just use mine indefinitely, but having lost all my data once, I don't want to go through that again. So I shall begin exploring my options, and will ultimately choose a new, different, *better* palmtop.


Suki had an amusing weekend. Since it is now WINTER here, I figured I had better rescue some of the plants from the balcony. The tomato plants did not make the cut. The pathetic things each produced exactly one (1) tomato each this season. Of course one of them is now trying to make it up to me, displaying three measly green tomatoes about the size of a large marble.

[Nice try. I'm not falling for it.]

But the orchids and herbs and ferns were all brought in, as was the hibiscus, which weighs a ton. I put it in a corner of the dining room and made the mistake of leaving the condo for a couple of hours, thus providing Suki with an opportunity for FUN!

Near as I can tell, she started at one end of the dining room credenza and threw herself down the other side, right into the branches of the hibiscus. That, of course, prompted an indignant THRASHING of the plant. When I returned home, there were leaves and branches all over the floor, and an angelic kitty on the couch wondering why I was upset.

It could be worse, I suppose. I could be this:

BERLIN (Reuters) - A cat saved its family by raising the alarm after it started a fire, German police say.

Mimi the black-and-white cat was playing in the family kitchen in the northwest town of Luedenhausen when a mis-step switched on an electric oven, which ignited papers stacked next to it.

But Mimi then awoke the family by miaowing loudly and pushing heavy objects on the floor.

"Mimi saved the family. There would have been a major fire had she not raised the alarm," a police spokesman said.

[It's always the black and white ones that cause trouble.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Double, double, toil and trouble;/ Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

-- William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) English dramatist, poet "Macbeth," IV. i. (10).

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