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Updated: 10/23/02

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Wednesday, 23 October, 2002

Back from Columbus. Yea. There are very few convenient options flight-wise to get to and from Columbus, so I had to get up at oh-dark-hundred yesterday morning, cooled my heels at the Philly airport for an hour and a half while watching the CNN coverage of the latest shooting and drank coffee. Flew to Columbus, waited around for an hour, more coffee, met up with my colleagues from all parts of the country, had our three hour meeting with the clients and then I took the clients out for dinner. We had a nice time and talked about a little business, but mostly just chatted about life in general.

Stayed at the Hyatt - no hot water this morning, which was fun. My flight was at 7:30 a.m. which meant getting to the airport by 6:00 or so. With e-ticket check-in computers, it took all of three minutes to get my boarding pass. Hmmm. Eighty-seven minutes to go. Coffee time.

So I went to the little restaurant in the middle concourse and got a table. I ordered an omelette and the waitress asked me if I wanted white or wheat toast. When I said, "No toast," she asked, "Are you avoiding carbs?" I said that I was and she asked, "Would you like some bacon or sausage instead of all that high-carb stuff?" Wow. That's a first.

Uneventful return trip, although they changed directions on the runway at Philly as we were on approach. I would guess that 80% of the time, flights take-off and land to the west here, but every once in a while, we get the wind from the east and they switch directions.

The pilot said that we would be landing to the west, and we were a little above the city, tracking the pattern that takes us out over Southern Jersey before making the turn to the west to hit the airport. All of a sudden, we did the equivalent of a u-turn and started flying west again. A turn to the south and a few minutes later, another u-turn to line us up with the runway. This direction change, of course, resulted in huge backups getting the planes turned around and on the right taxiways, so we sat in a traffic jam for about twenty minutes before proceeding to our gate.

Very tired today. Despite my excitement about yet another ANGEL'S win, I doubt I'll be able to stay awake for the game tonight.

[But I'm sure they'll win.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Never bet on baseball."

-- Pete Rose (1941 - ____) US baseball player

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