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Updated: 09/22/03

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Monday, 22 September, 2003

Hi there. Miss me? No, I didn't fall off the face of the planet - but my computer did. On August 11th, we had a thunderstorm, and it was an impressive one at that. I saw at least one bolt of lightning hit the Ben Franklin Bridge right next to my condo and shortly after that, my laptop began having "issues."

By the time the IT guys saw it the next day, it had fried its poor little hard-drive brain. So I have been working with a loaner laptop for the past month+, without the ftp software needed to upload to Diddakoi. Sorry 'bout that.

So let's see . . . what's been going on? Work is busy, house is still not done, cat is inquisitive, my muscles are aching from having ridden my bicycle 160 miles to Ocean City, NJ and back this weekend for the MS 150 charity tour. Wonderful birthday presents from Mom and Dad.

At least Hurricane Isabel didn't do THAT much damage around here although many people were without electricity - David lost power for two days and Maura just got the juice turned back on last night.

We did have a LITTLE bit of water though. The Delaware River overflowed its banks early Friday morning - here are a couple of pictures of my street from the local NBC station:

Delaware Avenue - waves

Delaware Avenue - diverting traffic

Those are WAVES there, people! On the street! I'm just glad that my condo is three floors above the river.

[Now THAT would have been a good day to have those Duck Boats around.]

Quote du jour:


-- Robert Benchley (1889 - 1945) US humorist
On arriving in Venice; attributed.

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