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Updated: 05/10/04

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Monday, 10 May, 2004

We get mail! A note from Emmy decrying her comparison to Mike Tyson in Friday's blog:

Dear Kay,

I was sitting on my human's lap when she read your 5/7 website entry. I am a little upset at the way I was portrayed. I am really very cute and lovable when you get to know me (see pictures). But sometimes I get a little out of control. I don't know what gets into me, but I think it has something to do with the cowlick that results in a little swirl on the top of my head and makes my hair stand up in a ridge down my neck to the top of my back. It makes me crazy. But I really do love my brother Oscar and he is still very handsome. The missing ear chunk is only noticeable if you look very closely.

Woof Woof,

I must admit that she doesn't look a thing like Mike Tyson:


[That said, I did tell her that nice girls do not use other dog's ears as chew toys.]

Did I mention that we get mail? This, from Jon:

I wish to join forces with Emmy in filing a formal complaint against the May 7th edition of the Blog. While I can accurately be portrayed as having stalked K over the years and I was technically kicked out of the Duke's Hotel by Kay and Maura, there is a sufficient amount of detail missing from the report that it suggests I was kicked out for the "wrong" reasons.

I have [kindly] offered to include some clarifying remarks so as to leave no wrong impression about Jon and his stalking adventures.

Normal stalking pursuits aside, he was *NOT* kicked out of The Duke's for stalking. In fact, he never even made it into the hotel. They called him up and asked him not to come. I'm not kidding.

Maura and I were booked into the hotel earlier in the week and discovered that we needed to stay an extra day. The hotel was full so rather than telling us that they could not extend our stay, they called Jon and his associate and uninvited them. They sent them to another hotel around the corner. Maura and I felt [somewhat] bad about this so invited them over to the Duke's for a cocktail one evening. But now you know why I didn't want to embarrass Jon publicly with the whole story . . .

[They just liked us better than him.]

Went down to Maryland for Jim Barrett's funeral on Saturday. It was a lovely service and there was a big turnout for a man who was larger than life. His wish was that they have a party following the service, so we went to Columbia Country Club where they had a nice luncheon. They had a slideshow of photos of Jim throughout his life - very well done.

We stayed in Bethesda on Saturday - walked around town for a while in the afternoon and then met up with Maura and Chuck for dinner. We went to Rio Grande, a great Tex-Mex place and had margaritas and fajitas - yummy.

On Sunday we had breakfast, then took the Metro down to DC and went to the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum. I am always pleasantly surprised by the Smithsonian - it offers such an amazing array of national treasures and it's all free.

There was an Armed Forces recruiting drive set up on the Mall. Aside from the usual information booths staffed with people in dress uniforms and fatigues, they had a collection of tanks, helicopters, weapons, and cars that one could go see and even climb into. Pretty cool. The Navy Seals were there - they had two divers in a giant tank - the kids could go up and play tic-tac-toe with the divers by writing on the glass. They also had a Blue Angels flight simulator - I'm sure I would have lost my cookies if I'd gone on it.

In the afternoon we headed back up to Bethesda, ate at Mon Ami Gaby, a nice French bistro that Rick and Maura have taken me to in the past, and then hit the road. We made it home in less than 2 1/2 hours, despite a little bit of traffic.

Now here's a weird story. Apparently the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board allows asylum for homosexuals who are vulnerable to persecution. But only if they're effeminate.

Ottawa, ON, May. 4 (UPI) -- The Canadian Refugee Board has denied asylum to a Mexican homosexual because he is not "visibly effeminate" and therefore not vulnerable to persecution.

Fernando Enrique Rivera, 30, came to Canada four years ago after he was allegedly blackmailed by colleagues in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, police department.

In December 2002 the Immigration and Refugee Board concluded: "Effeminate gestures come naturally and unconsciously. ... If he were indeed visibly effeminate, he would have been (un)able to easily land a job with the 'macho' police force of Puerto Vallarta."

The IRB only offers protection to effeminate or HIV-positive men, as well as political activists and whistle blowers from Mexico, the Globe and Mail reported.

"I know some gay refugees who put on lipstick and dressed effeminately ... because they thought it would help their case. But that is not who I am," Rivera said. "You don't choose to be gay. It's not like being a vegetarian. It's a very complex thing."

So . . . they only way this works is if you live up to the stereotype of gay mannerisms?

[Maybe if he looked like the cop in the Village People.]

Quote du jour:

"Never get into an argument
with someone who buys ink by the barrel."
-- Various, attributed

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