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Updated: 05/07/04

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Friday, 07 May, 2004

My new boyfriend came into work to see me today. Kim brought Braeden into the office while she was in town. Sorry - no picture to show you, but trust me . . . he's a cute little flirt.

Nope. Just doesn't do it for me. Sake, that is. Went out last night with Eva, John K and Jon for a few refreshing adult beverages after work. We went to Roy's as planned and both J's had the sake sampler. Each sake was named after an element: Sky, Rain, Wind and Snow. I tried one of them (I think it was Wind) and . . . eh.

Kay: "It tastes like rice wine."
John K: "That's because it is ri. . . " (He caught himself, but the hook was already in his mouth.)

Of course that was just payback for getting me earlier:

John K: "This sake is chilled."
Kay: "It's supposed to be chil. . . "

[Touche all around.]

We ordered a "canoe" of appetizers. As I recall, they were quite tasty since we inhaled them pretty quickly. Eva had to leave fairly early in order to get home to her dogs, Oscar and Mike Tyson. Oh, wait, that's Emmy. My bad. She just acts like Mike Tyson, taking a chunk out of poor Oscar's ear.

As always, a fun time. I mean drinks at Roy's, not Oscar's ear-dechunking.

[But I'm still not sure how to pronounce clematis.]

Speaking of Jon, I found an interesting story on stalking. Jon has been my own personal stalker for years, haunting my steps in places like Hawaii and London. Although Maura and I got him kicked out of the Duke's Hotel once. But I digress.

LONDON (Reuters) - Hollywood stars are not the only people to be hounded by stalkers.

Stalkers are more likely to harass ordinary people than generally thought, according to a study published in Britain on Thursday, which said one in eight British adults are victims of "persistent or unwanted attention."

And who is most likely to be stalked?

Stalkers are most likely to target professional women in their 40s with jobs that put them in positions of responsibility or bring them into close contact with clients, the researchers found, after examining data from Britain, the United States and Australia.

[Great, great. My office is cold and now this.]

People such as surgeons, social workers, lawyers and therapists may become a target for harassment, said co-author Professor David Canter.

So Gary's not safe either. I just hope that our stalkers are able to find ways to distinguish themselves so that we don't have any mis-stalking episodes.

The problem can affect companies as well as individuals, Canter said. Drawing the line between harassment and legitimate claims can also be difficult for firms, which can be targeted over issues such as compensation or intellectual property.

"Companies can get themselves into some of the most terrible knots over these people who target them because they try to deal with them in a rational way, the way you would with any other request," he said. The study was sponsored by Chubb Insurance, which said it offers a policy to cover stalking.

An insurance policy to cover stalking? Is that for the stalker or the stalkee?

["Stalk with confidence - we've got you covered."]

Quote du jour:

"Wind blows."
-- John K, upon tasting the Wind sake

"Rain reigns."
-- Jon, upon tasting the Rain sake

"I have nothing to add to that."
-- Eva, who wisely decided to drink champagne

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