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Updated: 04/28/05

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uber moms

Thursday, 28 April, 2005

We have a new addition to the family: welcome to Raphael Selso! Mom called last night and said that Cousin Jen had him yesterday afternoon. Mom and baby are doing well - I'm sure that big sisters Davis and Isa are quite excited!

It's been a bit crazy around here but things are starting to get back to normal. I still have so much to do before the Uber Moms arrive, but I'm chipping away at it. They finally got the big dumpster out of the yard, so I'm hoping that the Cyruses will take away the rest of the stuff before the weekend so we can get the yard looking a little less like a trailer park.

Yesterday was "Administrative Professional's Day". It used to be called "Secretary's Day" but I guess that's no longer PC. I've always referred to Carol as my "Assistant", so hopefully that's still cool.

David, Shari and I got together to give Carol some flowers and a card. When I went looking for a card, they were all gone. Except one. In Spanish. So I got it and David and Shari wrote their messages in Spanish. I did mine in French, since the only Spanish I know is "Donde esta la casa de Pepe". Oh, and "Mas copas para vino," which Javier taught me on the boat.

[She liked the flowers - but I think she liked the card even more.]

So, the trip was good. The Sea Hunter is a wonderful boat - as Nick of Blue Horizons puts it, "It is the standard by which all other liveaboards are judged." And it is true. The crew works their tails off for the guests. Luckily, Nick and Beth put together a terrific group for this trip - sixteen divers together on a boat for two weeks, and everyone got along. Gary has some pictures that I will try to put together in a TR eventually, but here's one picture to tide you over. This was towards the end of the trip and half the group decided to go climb a mountain on the island, so we ended up with three women and our divemaster Eddie for the afternoon dive . . . Eddie's Angels!

Eddie's Angels


Quote du jour:

"Good morning, Angels."

-- John Forsythe in "Charlie's Angels"

Operation Uber-Moms

Countdown to Invasion: 11 May 2005 18:35:00 UTC-0500!

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