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Updated: 05/05/05

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Thursday, 5 May, 2005

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Or as we say around here, "Feliz Fifth of May!" We celebrated last night, with a traditional Mexican meal. Well, actually we had take-out Chinese food, but the egg rolls did look a bit like mini-chimichangas.

Still trailer park-esque in the yard, but we have big plans for this weekend. Shovels and lots of bags of small rocks will be involved. I'm hoping that the salvage guy will come for the big, nasty metal ladder, but if not, I'm thinking of getting some saffron-colored fabric and wrapping it up like a Christo and Jean-Claude art project.

I did begin work on the riverbed the other evening. It is supposed to provide run-off from the roof drain into the future fish pond, and I'm using the river rocks we found while putting the floors in the house. I agree with the Cyruses that it needs to be deeper, so we may need to do some more excavation. I also have to put a temporary bridge over it so all the Ubers can cross without hurting themselves. And tonight's project is to move the current fishpond out of the living room into the garden. It may or may not make its way into the finished garden plan, but until we can get the real pond dug, it will do.

Now why didn't they make these when I was a kid? "Mom, I need a piece of bacon for my owie!"

Bacon Strips

[You gotta love Archie McPhee.]

A student in Carlisle, PA has become a local star as a result of his turn as monthly restaurant reviewer for his high school cafeteria:

Rick Seltzer publishes his opinions in the school's monthly newspaper, and uses a rating system of up to five "sporks," to rate the cuisine.

Seltzer began writing the reviews as a junior at the urging of classmates, who found his rants about the cafeteria's offerings entertaining.

His columns have since become some of the most-read pieces in the school's newspaper.

However, not everyone is a fan. The school's food-service director said she would like the chance to teach him more about how the cafeteria operates.

[I bet she would.]

Gary definitely gets the Romantic Snowy Owl Award this week. He sent flowers to the office on Tuesday - the anniversary of when we met on a dive trip to the Galapagos eight years ago. He stopped by my office yesterday to drop off some papers and saw the lovely roses he had sent.

Today another vase of flowers arrived, with a note that said, "Your office needed more flowers."

[What a guy!]

Quote du jour:

"Flowers are love's truest language."

-- Park Benjamin

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