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Updated: 02/22/02

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by Rosemary Breslin

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Friday, 22 February, 2002

I was all hot to rant and rave about meaningless, trite, grubby little topics today. I was in a sour mood all day. Definitely not vile, and not even close to surly [see Wednesday's entry], but pretty darn crabby. I'm sure the headache I have had all day is really at the bottom of this, abetted by a dumb mistake [not ours] that needed to be figured out, cleaned up and explained.

I was going to blast away at sissy nanny whiney people: figure skaters and their delegations, the "fans" that booed the Aussie who won the first Short Track Skating gold medal, the U.S. state officials that have required that all place names containing the word "squaw" be changed to something more PC. . .

[Well, I may still blast away at that one later.]

But when I got home, my kitty was still not right. She's still quiet and, well, flat. Her pupils are dilated, and she just isn't acting herself. So now I'm torn about whether or not to take her to a vet.

The Alien is fifteen years old now - when she was two she was diagnosed with feline epilepsy. Her vet said that I had two options: I could give her a pill every day for the rest of her life and it might help temper her seizures, although the act of giving her a pill every day would probably stress her out a bit. Or, I could just try not to put her in situations where she would be overly stimulated or stressed. Like going to the vet's office, which usually caused her to have a seizure. So, since she is an indoor cat and never has contact with other animals, I haven't taken her to the vet for thirteen years. My dilemma is whether it would be best to take her now, or if it would just make the situation worse.

[I don't know.]

Anyway, my petty rant about the poor losers both on and off the ice seems even more trivial now, so I shall spare you that. But I don't want to leave this on a down note, so I shall share with you a little tidbit I found.

Compelled by a statewide law to change every place name containing the word "squaw" because it is considered offensive to native Americans, reluctant officials in Piscataquis County, Maine decided to substitute every instance with a single alternative. The word they chose was "moose".

Which is why there are now five different places called Moose Pond, a Moose Cove, Moose Island, several Moose Creeks and a village called Moosehead, all on the shores of Moosehead Lake. There are also Moose Bay, Moose Brook, Little Moose Brook, Little Moose Pond, Big Moose Pond, Big Moose Mountain, Little Moose Township, Moose Point, and a mountain officially known as Moose Bosom.

Meanwhile, Lake County, Minnesota attempted to comply with their own state law by renaming the local geographical features "Squaw Creek" to "Politically Correct Creek" and "Squaw Bay" to "Politically Correct Bay."

They were denied: apparently the name "Politically Correct" is not politically correct.

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Of all the wonders of nature,
a tree in summer is perhaps
the most remarkable;
with the possible exception
of a moose singing
"Embraceable You" in spats."

-- Woody Allen (1935 - ____)

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