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Updated: 02/21/02

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What's on the nightstand

by Lisa Crihfield Dalby

get some sleep


Thursday, 21 February, 2002

I'm a bit concerned about The Alien. She has been very subdued for the past two days. Very quiet and not interacting as much as she usually does. She is almost 15 years old, so I guess she's allowed to age, but I hope she is just having a bad week.

Went down to Washington D.C. this morning with three of my colleagues to visit with one of our clients, a.k.a. "The Client From Heaven". We saw Maura - she looks wonderful! She had suffered an brain aneurysm last fall and we were very worried about her for a while, but she looks and feels great. We took their entire office out to lunch - the only client company we can do that with since they only have 13 people. It was great fun and nice to catch up with everyone.

My new wheeled duffle bag was waiting for me when I got home. For years I have been using an I. Goldberg duffel bag (sans wheels) to lug my dive gear all over the planet. But, like The Alien, I'm getting old - too old to carry (or more specifically, DRAG) the duffel around airports and hotels, so I ordered a new one. It looks great - it has a retractable handle that zips into the back when not in use.

[I think I need to go diving.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"An old cat will not learn how to dance."

-- Moroccan Proverb

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