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Updated: 02/09/02

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Saturday, 9 February, 2002

It's so nice to be able to communicate with the outside world on the weekends again! The new laptop is quite polite, happy to recognize the modem, and I've been busy downloading software for it today. I feel that I should name it - naming inanimate objects is a family tradition. I'm thinking "Marsha" would be appropriate since it technically belongs to my company, Marsh & McClennan. But I'm open to any other suggestions.

I went to see THE HOUSE yesterday morning. I have a door! The door between the den and the garden is in and it looks great. They've also installed the french doors in the study, and should have the french doors in the master bedroom and the sliding doors in the den put in early next week. The hydronics are installed in the kitchen and dining room, and they have put down most of the sub-floor in those rooms. The guys have moved their "lunch room" - which consists of a card table and four rickety chairs - into the dining room.

Girls' Night Out was great fun last night. I was a bit hoarse this morning - we went to 20 Manning for dinner and it was SO LOUD that we had to shout to hear one another. Had the most amazing tuna sashimi to start and a terrific cheese plate for my entree - yum!

I got home a little after 11:00 and watched the remainder of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Still a bit concerned about the fact that Steven Spielberg helped carry in the Olympic flag as the representative of "World Culture" though. Accurate, probably, but somewhat troubling.

Despite the ominous groundhog prediction last weekend, it was a glorious spring day today. Still cool, but it was sunny and mild. I rode my bike up to Manayunk (a suburb of Philadelphia), stopped for coffee at a cafe on Main Street, sat outside in the sun and people-watched. They are predicting another nice morning tomorrow, although it is supposed to rain later in the day. So maybe I'll get in some skating while it's nice.

Before I go to Columbus again tomorrow night.


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Quote du jour:

"A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose."

-- Gertrude Stein

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