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Updated: 02/08/02

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Friday, 8 February, 2002

I'm not ordering the right things. Ellen, Jennifer and I went to dinner at Roy's with our friend George, and while the restaurant was lovely and the company was sparkling, I still wasn't overwhelmingly impressed with the food. I wasn't underwhelmed by any means - I had the duck and it was tasty, but it appeared to have been sunning itself under a heat lamp for a spell before its appearance at our table.

Oh, but I didn't talk about dessert. We split TWO Hot Chocolate Souffles and one Fruit Pavlova, although I didn't taint my taste buds with any of the Pavlova, reserving my total dessert-gorgement for the chocolate offering. Oh My. Quite the tasty number there.

"But perhaps that was a mistake," I thought at 3:00 this morning when I found myself wide awake. Perhaps it was the Ghost of Souffle Past that was causing it, but I couldn't go back to sleep. So after a half hour of tossing and turning, I turned on the tube and watched "Giant" with Rock Hudson, La Liz and James Dean. Still a marvelous movie. I finally felt I could go back to sleep again at 5:45, but realized that would be a rather pointless endeavor since my alarm is set for 6:00. So I am going to be falling into my soup this evening.

Which is a drag, because we have a Girls' Night Out tonight. A whole group of business friends are getting together tonight sans Sig Oths for an evening of me