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Updated: 02/08/05

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Tuesday, 08 February, 2005

Dynasty, schmynasty. At least it was a good game, and a close one, despite several major mistakes by the Eagles offense. But the defense was doing something right, as it was not the lopsided Patriots victory that everyone was touting. Three point game, right down to the last minute.

When Donovan threw another interception.


Good news is that most of the team should return next year, so maybe Philly won't have to wait another 24 years to return to the Superbowl.

[E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!!]

We picked up Keith at the airport on Sunday afternoon. We ate junk food and drank beer, watched the game and the ads, and aside from wishing the other team won, it was a very satisfactory Superbowl Sunday.

Yesterday morning, I had a morning flight to Columbus, so we left Keith with the cat, some coffee and phone numbers for a taxi and asked him to pull the door closed on his way out. What great hosts, we are!

Columbus was, well, Columbus. Meeting, meeting, dinner, oh-dark-hundred flight back to Philly this morning. Always nice to watch the sun rise during one's flight.

[No wonder I feel so tired.]

Quote du jour:

"I'll be back."

-- Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

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