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Updated: 02/11/05

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Friday, 11 February, 2005

I am really glad that IKEA moved into our neighborhood. Not that all their furniture is wonderful, but for storage, organization and general everyday use, the stuff can't be beat.

But seriously.

Man Stabbed During U.K. IKEA Stampede

LONDON A man was stabbed and five other people were taken to hospital after thousands of customers caused a stampede at the midnight opening of a new IKEA furniture store in north London, British authorities said Thursday. The Swedish retailer expressed regret at the incident.

The stabbing victim, a man in his 20s, was attacked at around 1:30 a.m. near the IKEA store, a spokeswoman for London's Metropolitan Police said, adding that his condition did not appear life-threatening.

The new IKEA warehouse in the Edmonton district had been due to operate 24 hours to mark the opening, but shut until further notice after some 40 minutes because of the unexpectedly large crowds.

Some 6,000 people flocked to the Swedish furniture store, which had been offering special bargains including leather sofas for $84.

Many customers abandoned their vehicles in the middle of a major road near the shop and walked to the store, causing severe traffic jams, police said. In addition to the stabbing victim, one patient was taken to hospital with chest pains and four others were treated for minor injuries, a London Ambulance Service spokesman said.

[And I thought trying to shop at IKEA at Christmastime was bad.]

I read today that the National Hockey League has set this weekend as the go/no-go for the 2204/2005 hockey season. They've been locked out for five months, and they were still thinking that they could pull a season out of thin air? I was most amused by this line from the Boston Herald's story:

The lockout has wiped out 824 of the 1,230 regular-season games through yesterday, as well as this weekend's scheduled All-Star Game. If the season is canceled, there is no telling when there will be NHL hockey again.

Personally, I think they should all agree to just play the All-Star Game. That's it, no other games in the season. Just an All-Star Game with "stars" who haven't played this season and won't play until next year, if then.

As Vodkapundit says, "The last time the NHL failed to award Lord Stanley's Cup, it was due to a global flu epidemic that killed 20 million people. This time, millionaire owners and millionaire players can't agree on a few contractural issues."

[Maybe that's why I've been giving this a big *yawn*.]

Quote du jour:

"I went to a fight the other day and a hockey game broke out."

-- Rodney Dangerfield (1921 - 2004) US comedian, actor

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