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December 3, 2008


Tonight we had the last of the leftovers for supper. Afterwards Mmmm took the bones out to the garbage to be picked up tomorrow. Thanksgiving is over. I will have to admit that I love leftovers, though. My mother usually cooked enough so that there would be enough to feed extras if they happened to drop by. We could always add extra potatoes or vegetable if that happened. Often the Watkins Man would time his visits so that he would arrive about mealtime. Mom was a good cook.

One of my friends was married to a man who would not eat leftovers. I was amazed and then horrified as I watched her throw out potatoes, vegetables, and salads after a meal .I really like leftovers. Mom used to slice left over boiled potatoes and fry them up for breakfast. She would cook sausages, bacon, or little steaks, and eggs and the leftover potatoes to fill up my dad and the hired hands for a long day’s work. She would serve left over pie then too. Is there such a thing as left over pie?

Mmmm likes leftovers too. He saves little bits of things and makes a lunch of them the next day. He never complains about leftovers. Sometimes leftovers are better the next day. This week we have had potatoes and gravy and stuffing and turkey and salads and rolls and all sorts of good things. What could be better? Yum.

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