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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Still Learning

Thanks to an emergency call to Kay who walked me through an obvious next step that I didnít find so obvious, we now have pictures of spider webs . . . but they are in black and white so I am still learning. I have a feeling that it is in my computer. It doesnít want to show me graphics and perhaps it doesnít want to show me colored spiders. Where is nephew Jim when you need him?

Kay wrote a great blog about Ancestry. That is my latest area of learning. We have found a distant and not directly related branch of Mmmmís family that goes back to about 980 AD. Can you imagine people taking such care to record births, deaths and marriages? I love to imagine who these people were that lived in Yorkshire and Chester and London and France and Sicily. Did they end up in Italy because they went on Crusades? One person was born in a castle; another one has the intriguing note Ė Earl. Does that mean he was an earl? It probably means that we still wonít live in a castle or inherit a monarchy but I will keep trying. . . and learning.

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