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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kissed by God on both cheeks

My friend, JT, uses this expression when something wonderful happens to her. I felt like this today, especially when I had a phone call from my new son-in-law. He is very thoughtful and he thinks my daughter is wonderful. He says that he is sure that he wouldn’t be the man he is without her. What mother doesn’t want to hear that? And what mother-in-law doesn’t want to have her son-in-law ask her to come and visit soon? Yes, Kay and Gary were married May 3, 2007 in Hermanus, South Africa! I enjoyed participating, in a very small way, in the planning. Gary said today that it was just wonderful, except that we weren’t there. How sweet is that?

My cousin, Jim, sent in DNA sample and I heard from two people who are closely related to us, through the Graber line. One is a woman in Maryland who had her cousin donate a DNA sample and one is a woman who lives in Coronado with her husband, who is related to the Grabers. Both of these women are enthusiastic and interesting and I am eager to get to know them better.

Poor Jim is dealing with his own set of problems. He and Pat lost their house and all of their records to a fire. Unfortunately, their dog, Charlie, was also lost in the fire. It is hard to lose a pet at any time but under these circumstances I am sure it is even harder. Somehow, he even found time to forward the results of the DNA to me. He is great guy.

I also heard from two Roth cousins who are happy to participate in the DNA study so I am hoping to get some results from that side of the family soon too.

Now if all these things are not the equivalent of a kiss on each cheek by God, I don’t know what is.

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