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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Leaviní On A Jet Plane

We are leaving for Charleston, SC tomorrow. There is really no good reason to go to Charleston. We donít know anyone there, we donít have roots in South Carolina but we had to go somewhere! When Mmmmís brother died we were in Japan. We came back for the services and so we paid a lot for the airfare. I think the worst thing was the rather callous attitude when I asked about bereavement fares, etc. I called the airline and suggested that perhaps their employees needed some sensitivity training and the supervisor offered us a voucher for $500 in airfares.

Time kept ticking and we considered one city after another. Finally we had to make a decision. In desperation, we finally picked Charleston! It is supposed to be a lovely city, very historic and it should be a nice time with lots of flowers and probably not too hot.

This is where we get really sneaky Ė we are forcing my niece Carol to go with us. Poor thing! Can you imagine this darling, vibrant, young woman dragging around with two old people? Fortunately, Carol is game for anything and doesnít complain. She is so much fun to travel with and she puts up with our idiosyncrasies without complaint. She is always prepared and takes absolutely wonderful photographs. I am sure that she will come home with some wonderful views of Charleston. I will try to take at least one wonderful picture of Carol.

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