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Friday, March 23, 2007

Abba, The Beach Boys and Cher

I will have to admit that I am a reactionary when it comes to music. I like music composed by people whose names begin with B or M or perhaps V. . . Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and perhaps Vivaldi. Now those composers are wonderful for string quartets and operas and orchestral pieces but for some reason they don’t lend themselves to exercising at Curves.

When I go in to exercise I now hear Abba (and I like them), and the Beach Boys and Cher. I am sure there are others but they are the only ones I recognize. Over the years I have only asked for three contemporary CD’s: Dolly Parton (because her voice is so pure), John Denver (because I liked Sunshine on My Shoulder and because he has that same pure voice quality as Dolly Parton,) and Abba (just because I like their close harmony).

I am just as picky about music at church, in fact I am pickier. I love anthems and hymns. I am not fond of the contemporary music at church. . . the Seven Eleven Songs, that is. Those are the songs with seven words sung eleven times. I think that people have forgotten that hymns were originally written to teach doctrine to people who, for the most part, couldn’t read. Some of the contemporary “praise” songs have incorrect doctrine in them, as do some of the old hymns. Unfortunately many of the contemporary “praise” songs aren’t very singable. I never leave the church humming them.

Music is stored in a different place in our brains and when speech is gone, perhaps because of a stroke, many times people can still sing. My mother, who died at age 97, could still sing harmony to old hymns and enjoyed hymns until the end. I hope there is someone around to sing them with me when I reach the end of my life.

Meanwhile I will enjoy Abba, the Beach Boys and Cher, but only at Curves.

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