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Saturday, March 7, 2007

New Neighbor

Normally one doesnít look forward to a new neighbor building a home just a few feet from oneís bedroom window - especially if the new neighbor is expecting a baby. You know how new babies are and sometimes new neighbors. The new neighbor is also building on our property. But she is such a cute little thing that we couldnít make an issue of a thing like that.

Oh, did I mention that our new neighbor is a beautiful little Humming Bird? She is sleek and alert and has made a nest behind a leaf on the lemon tree outside of the bedroom window. It is only about three or four feet above the ground. Mmmm noticed her first. He saw her sharp little beak and a bright shiny eye staring at him. I havenít taken a picture of her Ė I donít want to spook her. We love having her there.

Some years ago we had a Humming Bird build a nest in the Ficus Benjamina tree right outside the front door. We had to walk right by it every time we went outside. She hatched two tiny little eggs about the size of jelly beans and two tiny little birds grew to maturity right in front of our eyes. It was a gift to be able to see that. Now I am looking forward to the next miracle.

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