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Saturday, March 3, 2007

And Theyíre Off . . .

How could I have a daughter that adores horses? I have never been very fond of horses Ė they are so big. Donít tell Kay, but they arenít very smart. Mules are a lot smarter, they say, whoever they are. I have no experience with mules, so this is just hearsay.

When I was young our family lived on a farm. We all worked doing something. We never said to our mother, ďIím bored!Ē My mother would hand us a hoe and tell us to go hoe in the garden. There was always something to do. My specific job was to harrow the potato patch. I am not sure how big it was Ė perhaps half an acre. I would hitch up our big old gentle mare, Brownie. She was so patient and careful with me, even when the harrow would turn over.

There were some horses that caused more problems. Some were ridden to school by neighbor kids. One was a little Shetland stallion. He was fierce and scared me. I wasnít a very good rider. One neighborís Shetland pony used to run away and come to our house, why I donít know. We used to ride her, with the neighborís blessing. She would always buck me off and I would have to walk home. I really never liked horse, but I produced a little girl that absolutely loved horses. She didnít like them Ė she loved them.

Who would have thought that in my Bible class were at least two women who had horses and wanted to treat my daughter to time with them? One girl used to take her to ride her huge horse. We went to a horse show with her. The other woman owned a race horse! And she invited Kay (and Mmmm) to come and watch them train and race. That started it all. They would go and watch the races and the horse. Kay was more interested in the blood lines and the breeding than even the racing.

Even though Kay now lives clear across the country, Mmmm still loves to go to the races a few times a year. I have gone a few times but I have to watch through my fingers, since I canít bear to watch the horses fall or break a leg or get injured. Mmmm prefers that I donít go so he doesnít have to watch over me. Santa Anita is such a pretty track and the weather today was lovely and no horses got hurt and only one jockey, so it was a good day. We will never retire on Mmmmís winnings.

I hope that I donít have to redecorate the house to match the free jockey lamp he brought home today. Shades of A Christmas Story.

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