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Monday, February 26, 2007

Primary Cousins

Kay has coined a new term - Primary Cousins. These are the first cousins in the family. There are now only five on Mmmm’s side of the family since the death of Punk, the oldest cousin, in 1992. We still miss him and every time we are together we talk about him – about his humor and cheerfulness and about the wonderful memories we have of him.

On Sunday four of the primary cousins were together. Kay was the one cousin not there. Mmmm and I are token Elderlies. The cousins are very kind to us and include us in most activities. There were eleven of us and we had a marvelous time. Janet had recorded That’s Gotta Hurt and we watched Gary do his thing. Of course we were so happy that we were able to see it. We had great food and great conversation and a wonderful time. We are blessed by having a family that gets along so well and that really likes to be together. One of the Primaries and his son accompanied us on a trip to Africa. It wouldn’t have nearly as much fun if they weren’t there with us. We love those kids (and they are still kids even though they are all grandparents now.)

We are actually blessed by having the same thing on both sides of the family. We love to be together and treasure those times. Kay has 14 surviving Primary Cousins on my side of the family. One of her primary cousins, Michele, died in 1989 and we miss her too. Two of the Primaries accompanied the Matriarchs when we journeyed to Philly in 2005. We never would have made it without the Primaries. One made all the arrangements and made sure that we were all in the right place at the right time. The other Primary took care of her Mom – and the rest of us, too. We love these kids too.

How blessed are we to have 17 Primary Cousins to love!

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