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January 8, 2009

Itís the fourteenth day of Christmas - - -

Well, it is over and I didnít quite catch up. Christmas was lovely, of course, but my cards didnít get sent, I did get a Christmas letter emailed Ė just barely Ė and 12th night I took down the decorations, such as they were. I was visiting my neighbor yesterday and she had Christmas all over the house! And she lives alone! I would probably get a C- for Christmas this year.

I am also flunking my Curves weigh-in. Christmas is not a good time to be weighed and measured. My cure for stress is food. It is also my cure for most other things. I am trying to remodel our kitchen and it is causing my husband a great deal of stress, which, in turn, is causing me a great deal of stress. Pass the cookies please. Of course it doesnít help that I baked 9 batches of cookies this Christmas season . . . and they were good! I have decided that instead of thinking of myself as fat I will think of myself as nicely larded, as in a good steak, thank you.

I am so glad that the Lord doesnít grade us on what we do or donít do. He doesnít have a weigh-in every month. I am perfect in His sight, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ. What a relief.

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