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December 26, 2008


Mmmm suggested that we go shopping today. He wanted to get me something but couldnít remember what so he thought that if we went shopping at South Coast Plaza we would find something and then we would go out to lunch. I stared at him in disbelief Ė we have been married for 54 years, we have known each other for 60 years and he still doesnít know that 1) I donít like to shop and 2) I especially donít like to shop when the store is having a big sale. The idea of going to a big shopping mall when there is an after Christmas sale is horrifying to me . . all those cars, all those crowds, all that shoving and pushing and then not finding anything that you want or is in your size and then, should you find something, standing in line to have the clerk, who doesnít want to be there either, take your money or credit card. Standing and going through racks of things or tables of things and then not finding anything you like.

I spoke to three of my sisters today and they all said that they hate to shop too. Only one of my sisters liked to shop and that was Eunice. Her daughter, Terri, is a world class shopper. She know where to buy things, how much you should pay and when things are on sale. She is really awesome. I didnít get that gene and neither did Kay. We never thought that hanging out at the mall was a fun activity.

I told Mmmm that I really didnít need anything and I really didnít want anything! Isnít that a wonderful place to be? It was different when we were young and just starting out. We had to furnish the house and so forth. Now we have too much stuff. We keep trying to get rid of things but old habits are hard to break and the stuff accumulates.

So tonight we have only accumulated the leftovers of a Chinese dinner and some nice memories of a quiet day at home. Thank you Mmmm.

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