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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Is it just me or is anyone else confused by the bowl games? It seems to me that there used to be the Rose Bowl (the best, of course, speaking as a Southern California resident), the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, and the Cotton Bowl. I know that companies sponsor these games but I find it hard to get excited about 28 bowl games, especially when they are named Meineke Car Care Bowl, or the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, or the Insight Bowl. Is the Insight Bowl a competition between therapists?

At our house we watch the college games rather than the professional games. I find it hard to watch, as a rule, because I always feel bad for the team that loses. I always think that these are really just boys. I also always feel for the moms that are watching their little (230 pound) boys getting beaten up. Perhaps that is why I usually read, do crossword puzzles, Sudoku or jigsaw puzzles during the game.

The USC Trojans are, in a way, the family team since Ron, Pam, and Jim went to USC. We always root for them, or at least for Ron, Pam and Jim. Who wouldn’t want to root for a team that has Traveler, a noble white horse that appears at all USC home football games with a regal Trojan warrior astride? Who wouldn’t want to cheer for a team that holds up what looks like a V for victory sign but is, in reality, a sign that the two fingers needed for shooting arrows are intact, that they were victors in the last war? Who wouldn’t want to root for a team whose coach runs up and down the sidelines as much as his team does on the field?

And so we watch the Bowl Games and I cheer for the under dog as a rule and get a lot of reading done.

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