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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

White Sale

Mmmm feels an irresistible urge to buy towels in January. January is the usual time for all of the stores to advertise their white sales. My mother-in-law always shopped during the white sales. Mmmm observed her buying linens at white sales and thought that was the normal activity in January. His secretary, Dottie, always shopped the white sales. I have asked him not to buy any more sheets or towels or any other linens since we have no more room in the linen closet. If that is his worst impulse, I can live with it but I would like to help choose the colors. As with many men, he apparently feels any color is fine, as long as it is white. Occasionally he will buy another color but it usually doesnít match the colors in the bathroom or bedroom.

My mother loved nice linens and she kept her linen closet all organized. She didnít have ribbons on the stacks of towels like Martha Stewart suggests. She did often keep her nicest linens for company. My philosophy is to use what we have and enjoy it.

I have a problem, sometimes, saying things that I should keep to myself. One time I said to my group of leaders that I thought it was so wonderful when young women had showers and received towels that matched. At that time Mmmm and I had been married about 25 years or more. Our towels not only didnít match but they were so worn they were barely there. Sure enough, the leaders gave me five sets of towels all matching beautifully. I have just reluctantly consigned them to the rag bag after using them for 25 years or so.

Maybe I should let Mmmm loose in Linens ĎNí Things.

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