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Updated: 12/29/08

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Monday, 29 December, 2008

BOY HOWDY!! Just in case you missed it, the Philadelphia Eagles made it into the 2008 NFL Playoffs! Absolutely improbable - Sunday morning, they only had a 7% chance of making it in, the lowest probability in the league. But the Raiders beat the Bucs (thank you, Oakland), the Texans beat the Bears (thank you, Houston) and the Eagles demolished the Cowboys. I mean, took them apart. Tied 3-3 after the first, the Eagles offense and defense then scored every which way they could, ending up with a glorious 44-6 final.

I talked to Mom - they had been watching the game too - and I explained about the Eagles fight song, and the fact that free safety Brian Dawkins was out on the field leading the fans in "Fly, Eagles Fly" after every touchdown. I thought I had written about this before, but perhaps not. So, per Wikipedia:

"The fight song was reputedly the creation of former owner Jerry Wolman's daughter, who, impressed by the "war chant" of the rival Washington Redskins, implored her father to play an Eagles equivalent during their games."

Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.
Fight Eagles Fight, Score A Touchdown 1-2-3.

Hit 'Em Low.
Hit 'Em High.
And We'll Watch Our Eagles Fly.

Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.


So it's off to Minnesota next weekend to play the Vikings, and hopefully this improbable season will continue.

[E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!]

The Trollops are coming! Plus Bill, Laurie's husband. Stephani will drive down from Ithaca tomorrow afternoon and Laurie and Bill fly in from CA late tomorrow night. Sadly, Sarah and Chris will not be here, but we'll drink a toast them I'm sure. The plan is to go down to the shore on Wednesday afternoon for New Year's, then back to Philly for the weekend. Bill is an avid cyclist, so he and Gary will likely be out on the bikes quite a bit.

[Especially if the Trollops are busy watching stupid movies and shrieking with laughter.]

Quote du jour:

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930) Scottish author, physician

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