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Updated: 11/08/05

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What's on the nightstand

by Neal Stephenson


island time

Tuesday, 08 November, 2005

We celebrated Gary's birthday last week with dinner at Barclay Prime, another one of Steven Starr's restaurants in Philadelphia. Gary's Mom went with us and it was very good, but rather over-priced. The service was a bit off, too. Nothing wrong, just felt that the server was not into it.

I gave him a new iPod so he has been busy programming and downloading all week. His Mom gave him some shirts and Mom and Dad gave him a shiitake mushroom log. It's soaking in water now so hopefully we'll get some nice mushrooms soon.


And even more yum . . . I had dinner with Eva, John and Jon last week. We started at Tria and then went to Matyson, a local BYOB where we enjoyed a very nice dinner, along with some very tasty wine. We used such phrases as, "chewy fruit", "deep velvety tannins" and "may I please have some more."

Except for Jon's wine, for which we used such phrases as "invisible", "lacking in body and substance" and "that's OK, you're paying."

[Thank you, Jon.]

Mom called to say that Aunt Lyla's stroke seems to be much worse than originally thought. Her doctor does not think there is much chance of rehabilitation. Cousins Patti and Jackie are on their way to Montana to be with her. Mom said that she and Aunt Bernie have decided they don't want to go through any of this old age stuff.

[I would agree.]

Off to Bermuda for two days. If there was a way to do a one day trip, we would have, but it looks like I'll have time to see a couple of other folks while I'm there anyway.

[Sadly, no beach time, though.]

Quote du jour:

"After-dinner talk/ Across the walnuts and the wine."

Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892) English poet

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