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Updated: 11/01/05

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What's on the nightstand

by Neal Stephenson


warm temp

Tuesday, 01 November, 2005

Gary was on call last night so I went home to make dinner. I found the Cyruses there with the kitchen floor ripped up. They were supposed to have replaced much of the kitchen floor last year, but sanded it instead and that did not do the trick so they are finally replacing it.

So much for cooking the salmon I had taken out for dinner. I petted Suki for a little while, said goodbye to the guys and drove to the hospital. I called Gary and he stopped to pick up salad and some Chinese food for dinner.

When I came home this morning around 6:15, I opened the back door and expected to find Suki waiting for me. No cat. I called and called. I looked upstairs. I looked in the wine cellar. I opened closet doors. I opened the front door. No cat.

I wondered if she could have gotten into the crawlspace underneath the kitchen floor and was about to go look when I heard a muffled "Meow." I tracked it down, opened the front door again and there she was. She must have snuck out when the guys weren't looking and spent the whole night outside in the garden. I was worried that she would try to shimmy under the rollup door, but apparently that didn't happen.

She spent the next half hour telling me it was all my fault for leaving her anyway.

[Meow, meow, meow.]

Quote du jour:

"Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect."

Stephen Wright, Comedian

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