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Updated: 11/21/05

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Monday, 21 November, 2005

What a busy weekend! Gary was on back-up which meant that he didn't have to be on call in the hospital, but had to be close enough to come in if there was an emergency. So for the first time in five weeks or so, we were actually home when it was light outside! As such, it was definitely a work-around-the-house weekend:

- Raked and bagged leaves on the front sidewalk. Three bags, by the way! And that's in the city!
- Replaced peeling caulk around bathtub fixtures
- Patched roof above guest bath
- Replaced missing weather strip on monitor window
- Tried to replace lightbulb above plant shelf - fixture damaged, so need electrician
- Hung icicle lights on Japanese shed in yard
- Roomba'd den
- Did laundry
- Hung masks in powder room
- De-pigeoned the drain pipe in garden
- Added four rows to cork wall in wine cellar
- Reorganized holiday decoration boxes
- Bought new vacuum cleaner
- Began packing for California trip

We're leaving for California on Wednesday and will be gone for ten days. I called to arrange to take Suki into the vets' while we're gone and they're full! So, she'll have to suffer along with multiple bowls of food - I think she'll actually prefer that to going to the vets', as nice as they are to her. We did get her an early Christmas present - a cat water fountian. She has developed an annoying habit of jumping up onto the bathroom counter and drinking out of the faucet. It was cute once or twice but no more. Since she has a fascination with running water, I found a pet fountain for her. She wasn't too impressed at first, but now she seems to be fine with it. It has a large water reservoir on the back, so she'll have enough while we're gone.

[Splish, splash.]

Quote du jour:

"A great ship asks deep water."

George Herbert (1593 - 1633) English author, poet

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