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Updated: 10/31/03

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Friday, 31 October, 2003

Well THAT was embarrassing! Yesterday, Ellen and I were treated to a surprise birthday party - one that had been in the planning for, oh, seven years. Just because we gave George a little surprise party for his 40th . . . he felt the need to seek revenge! They conned us into a fake lunch appointment and when we walked in we were greeted by a huge crowd of people . . . and poster sized photos of us from our childhoods. Talk about your public humiliation on a grand scale!

[Our mothers were both heavy conspirators in this.]

Most of the folks from my office and PMA Re were there, although Vic couldn't make it. We were also very disappointed that Chip K wasn't able to be there . . . because he was so inflexible and unable to change his audit date even though the party was planned months in advance AND (even worse) he had to drag David D down there with him. Poor Eva had to work, but she and Diane gave each of us a lovely bottle of champagne. Maura, the Former Client from Heaven, managed to squeeze in time from her retirement to come up from DC.

They gave us a beautiful arrangement of (dead) flowers and goodie bags filled with all the things we will be needed at our advanced age, most of which I will not mention, although we plan to wear our hair nets, knee-highs and 4X magnification glasses to the PMA Re party on Monday night. We also each got a book with copies of our old photos in it - I think Jennifer had a little to do with it.

After much hilarity, I took Maura and Jennifer over to the House to see it. Still not done (quite) but they liked it in its rough shape. Maura was staying at Jennifer's house, so they went home and I met them, along with John and Ethan at a restaurant in Manayunk. Unfortunately, Ethan is teething and was just a very unhappy bunny all evening. Poor lamb.

Speaking of teething, I called Mom when I got home. She had some oral surgery done yesterday, and seemed to think it went well. She was able to talk at least. I told her she was in big trouble for supplying them with all of those embarrassing photos of me, especially the one of me in my high school drill team outfit - *sheesh*.

But despite the embarassment, it was great fun to see everyone there. And on the bright side, Ellen and I only have three more years before George's 50th.


Quote du jour:

"Revenge is a dish that is best served cold."

-- Klingon Proverb

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