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Updated: 10/17/02

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Thursday, 17 October, 2002

Well, the rain has stopped for a while. Long enough for the stucco guys to be out there trying to finish the garden walls today before it starts to rain again. The front wall of the house and the monitor walls are done - it's a pretty tuscan yellow-gold color, and the garden side walls will be a greenish tone. I think it will look nice.

It was such strange weather yesterday. POURED rain most of the day, then around 5:00 the winds picked up, blew everything out of the skies and it was sunny and clear. An hour later the clouds were back and it started raining again. Go figure.

The latest on the bombing in Bali. According to the International Herald Tribune, a man has confessed to the bombings. He's a former member of the Indonesian Air Force and admitted to authorities that he assembled the bombs that killed at least 181 people on Saturday night.

He told investigators that he "regretted the massive loss of life."

Forgive me if I am just too skeptical these days, but BALONEY! If he's actually the one responsible, what did he THINK was going to happen when the bombs went off? Of course there was going to be massive loss of life - that's what bombs do. And that's why these were set off. To even print this man's statement about regrets is preposterous.

[End of rant.]

[Begin new rant.]

And another thing... they now say that the detailed eye-witness account given to police in the DC sniper case is "not credible." This guy apparently gave a description of a cream-colored vehicle with a broken tail-light, and claimed that the shooter was using an AK-74 assault rifle. Apparently under questioning last night, the "witness" admitted that he had not been in the parking garage at the time of the shooting, but was in the Home Depot.

Unbelievable. Why do people do this sort of thing? Was this guy just looking for his fifteen minutes of Kato-time?

[I think this guy should be forced to pump gas for others as community service.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"The witness of a rat is another rat."

-- Ethiopian Proverb ( - ____)

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