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Updated: 08/04/06

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heat wave

Friday, 04 August, 2006

Very exciting news! My Mom has her own blog! Yes, the woman who writes to everyone, everyday now has a new way of communicating. After she started including photos on her e-amil letters, I suggested she start writing a blog, so here it is:

Jan's Blog

We're still working through some of the kinks, but check it out. There's also a link on the left. I love her first entry. She's always been such a wonderful writer.

[And I'm sure she'll be a much more regular poster for the blog!]

I think the heatwave is finally breaking. After about five solid days of temps approaching 100 degrees, it didn't have the same "hot, wet towel on face" feel when I went out for lunch today. So that's nice. It's been ridiculously hot here - I find the kitty splayed out across the cool stones of the den floor and keep thinking, "Say, not a bad idea."

The West Elm guys came back and replaced the ottoman with a corner piece. At least I think they did. I was so thermostatically overwhelmed from taking out the (nicely bundled) cardboard boxes from the first shipment that I didn't actually open the new box before leaving for the on-call room last night. Today Gary had off and was taking Katie and two of her friends down to Baltimore for an anime convention. He'll drop them off this afternoon and pick me up on the way down to the shore. We'll have dinner tonight with one of his colleagues and his wife at a seafood place in New Jersey and spend the weekend relaxing.

[I hope.]

Perhaps it's just coincidence but after I wrote about my great new career opportunity the other day, I heard from Kasigo Turnstall, Bendt Schurr and Asim Slack via e-mail, all advising me to check out MED-GOOD.COM for all of my 50% pharmacy needs.

[How lucky can I be?]


[Only 7,192 more needed for our wine cellar wall.]

Quote du jour:

"Anyone who doesn't miss the past never had a mother."

Gregory Nunn ( - ____)

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