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Updated: 07/10/02

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Wednesday, 10 July, 2002

After my 5:30 a.m. wake up call (Suki), I got ready for work and went to put a new book of checks in my checkbook. *EEK!* No more checks. I went to the bank and they made a photocopy of my last remaining check and will send a new set ASAP.

It was busy at work in the morning, but slowed down around lunchtime. Today is my assistant Carol's birthday, so Ellen, Andrew, Jennifer and I took her to lunch at a restaurant called the Rose Tattoo. It wasn't as warm today so it was pleasant walking to the restaurant. We fed Jennifer spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings, hoping to induce labor. As of yesterday, I am out of the Baby Pool, so I no longer have a vested interest, but I know she's ready to be done with this pregnancy thing.

Kind of a boring blog today, which matches the boring day. Oh well, could have been worse.

[Could be on a jury.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Any subject can be made interesting, and therefore any subject can be made boring."

Hilaire Belloc (1870 - 1953) English writer, poet

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