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Updated: 06/16/04

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Wednesday, 16 June, 2004

Picture, if you will, two small glowing orbs staring out from underneath the kitchen cabinet, accompanied by pitiful meows. This was how Suki spent a couple of hours last night.

Gary's kids, Josh and Katie, came into the city for dinner last night. They came up to the condo to meet Suki, since Gary has been telling them about this wonderful cat who is so friendly and nice. For some unknown reason, Suki panicked when they came in and bolted into the kitchen. I looked in just in time to see her hind legs scrambling in a modified Army crawl as she pushed her bulky little self under the corner kitchen cabinet.

There's only about 3 1/2 inches of clearance there, but she managed to do it. She sat in the very back and glowered at us. I figured she was just being stubborn and she'd come out after we left. We went over to see the house - the kids really like it, although Katie would have liked the back bedroom to be painted all black instead of grey. I compromised with black mini blinds and black closet doors, which seemed acceptable. Josh volunteered that he was thinking of hot pink for the other bedroom - smart aleck. We went to Swanky Bubbles for dinner and had sushi, calamari, fried rice, shrimp and ribs.

Returned home to find the cat still under the cabinet, and now voicing her displeasure. Apparently she wasn't able to get enough traction to push herself back out and was essentially stuck. Gary got a broom and pushed her into a closer position. When I looked under, she was lying on her side with her paws stretched out toward me so I reached in and grabbed them and pulled. I felt like a veterinarian delivering a foal. She didn't struggle at all and we had her out in a jiffy.

[Covered in dust bunnies, but free.]

During all this we had a major thunderstorm raging outside. When we went to the house, it just started to rain and there were several close lightning strikes. Of course, this is our usual August weather here - nastily hot and humid during the day, followed by massive thunder-boomers in the evening, with some impressive downpours and high winds.

I read this morning that there was a 5.2 earthquake off the coast of San Diego yesterday afternoon. Lots and lots of bloggers were on the case and reporting on it and where it was felt, duration, type, etc. In one of the comments, someone wrote:

Speaking from the Washington, DC area: y'all are scaring me way out here!! Stop having those earthquakes and do 97% humidity, 27 million cicadas, daily thunderstorms, the occasional tornado and hurricanes, like we do!

[Yeah, what he said.]

We have a new leader in the vocabulary test: Mom, with a score of 167. Although she admitted that there were several that she labeled "wild guess" as well.

Quote du jour:

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."

-- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) US novelist, journalist, river pilot

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