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Updated: 06/11/02

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Tuesday, 11 June, 2002

Caught an interesting show the other day on MTV. It's called "Cribs" - it a show about the homes of music and sports stars. Oh my. I found the show to be rather like watching a train wreck - horrible to witness, but one is unable to pull one's eyes away. It is stunning to me how people who are given way too much money at an early age can spend it in the gaudiest and tackiest ways possible. Whoa. A sad commentary on the values that are imposed by our culture.

My personal favorite was the home of Lil' Romeo, a rap star that is about twelve years old. He has a huge mansion with a multi-car garage that houses his own Mercedes Benz with personalized leather seats and license plates . . . wait, did I mention that he's twelve?


Speaking of license plates, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has rejected the new license plate design that was approved by state lawmakers last year. It was developed to commemorate the state's nuclear history and raise funds for the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation, and features an atomic mushroom cloud.

"DMV director Ginny Lewis said Wednesday that because of state efforts to stop a proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain and the fear of new terrorist attacks following Sept. 11, the new plates would be inappropriate."

[Good call.]

And while we're on the subject of bright ideas on the part of government officials, the Republican Party recently invited an Ohio prison inmate to a $2,500-a-plate fund-raising dinner with President Bush. Now, I can understand that there can be mistakes on mailing lists but this is the part that cracks me up - it was actually sent to the guy at Belmont Correctional Institution in eastern Ohio. The inmate, Robert Kirkpatrick, 35, was sentenced last year in Canton to nearly three years for drug possession and escape.

"I'm going to tell him that I'd be happy to attend, but he's going to have to pull some strings to get me there," Kirkpatrick said.

[They must have sent it to the wrong crib.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Fame is proof that the people are gullible."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) US philosopher, poet, essayist

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