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Updated: 06/08/02

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Saturday, 8 June, 2002

Had a busy day today. Picked up the rental car around 9:30 and drove to Home Depot to check out their selection of plants.

[Not good.]

Went across the river to New Jersey and stopped at Babies "R" Us to get presents for Jennifer's shower tomorrow. I stopped at Pier One and the Home Depot in Cherry Hill - much better choice of plants. I bought a hibiscus, a hydrangea, a couple of herbs, geraniums, three flats of annuals and two tomato plants.

I drove back to Philly and stopped at THE HOUSE. Richard had surgery on his knee yesterday so he was limping around on crutches, poor thing. Oscar didn't get that much done this week, although the roof deck is nearly complete. I went to the drug store to pick up Richard's prescription for him, then took my poor suffocating plants home. I spent the afternoon planting and watching the Belmont Stakes - it's a shame that War Emblem didn't take the Triple Crown, but it's nice that the long shot was the one to spoil it.

Suki is lying here, exhausted. She discovered the stash of kitty toys under the desk and is sleeping off her catnip high.

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Gardening requires lots of water -- most of it in the form of perspiration."

-- Lou Erickson (1939 - ____) Canadian novelist, poet

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