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Updated: 05/18/05

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Wednesday, 18 May, 2005

I cannot believe that the week has come and gone! It feels like the Uber-Moms just arrived, and we had to drop them at the airport this morning. I tracked their flight all the way back to Minneapolis - they are off to Billings, Seattle and Orange after that.

What a great visit - at least from the host and hostess' standpoint. The nice thing is that The House seems to enjoy having a lot of company. Even with ten people in residence, it didn't feel cramped - although those that had to sleep in the more public spaces may disagree with that assessment.

I don't think they had a chance to see all the stuff that Philly has to offer, although they did do Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell yesterday. I wish I could have taken time off to drive them around, but it is a rather busy time in the office right now. They took us out for a lovely dinner last night - that was great fun. Actually, it was all great fun.

The cat is despondant. She keeps looking around for her people. She's such a party animal - she's really going to miss having all of those petting hands around.

[So will I.]

Quote du jour:

"You must come home with me and be my guest;
You will give joy to me, and I will do
All that is in my power to honour you."

-- Percy Bysshe Shelley, "Hymn to Mercury"

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