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Updated: 05/11/05

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uber moms

Wednesday, 11 May, 2005

Well, they've arrived. The Uber-Moms' flight was a bit delayed getting out of Minni-Noplace, but they landed around 7:15 and we picked them up about 7:45. We managed to fit everything (and everyone) in the two cars and headed home. It looked like baggage claim all over again in the kitchen with all the suitcases!

My Mom brought fresh gardenias, HUGE lemons and lavender from her garden. Lovely! And they all smell so good!

We got everyone situated in bedrooms and I put some nibbles out and rustled up dinner. Still didn't sit down to eat until after 9:00 though. Everyone talked and laughed and had a good time - especially Suki, who is confused but delighted about all the people and commotion. Not sure what they'll do tomorrow - perhaps just lay low and relax.

[Sounds good to me.]

I got a call from Cyrus the Younger late morning - "Kay, do you have a first aid kit?"

That is never a question one wants to hear from a contractor working with Things That Cut. Cyrus The Elder "nicked" himself with a circular saw while finishing the floor in the powder room. He went to the hospital for x-rays and stitches - we understand that everything is okay, but it was quite a scare.

Despite all that, they managed to get the roofing repairs done, finish the powder room floor, snake the powder room drain, finish the painting touch-ups, take out all the scaffolding in the yard, and remove all of their STUFF from the living room.


Quote du jour:

"They're here, they've come."

-- Frodo Baggins, "The Two Towers"

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