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Updated: 04/05/04

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Monday, 05 April, 2004

Man, was it ever COLD this morning. Blowing wind, raw temperatures. Familiar refrain:

"It's April! It's not supposed to be COLD in April!"

But it's always cold in April. And we're always surprised by it. We had almost 2 inches of snow on April 7th last year. Now THAT was rude. I guess we keep looking at the calendar and saying, "But it's spring . . ." as if Mother Nature had just *forgotten* and will correct her mistake.

Speaking of mistakes, the Editor of Diddakoi.com is in hot water with faithful reader Eva T for not crediting her with correcting the error on Friday's page. So . . . the Editor feels that the only way to make it up to her is to have self-described Basking Jon buy her a drink, thereby sharing the warmth of his "lights of fame".

[Sounds fair to me.]

Quick blog today. But here's a follow up to the link last week about the Canadian Lottery winner who waited a year before claiming his prize. He's now apparently on the run . . . from his two ex-wives:

A man who waited for nearly a year before cashing in Canada's biggest-ever lottery winnings has apparently gone abroad, leaving two ex-wives wanting a share of his $US22.5 million bonanza.

Raymond Sobeski bought his winning lottery ticket a year ago. However, he waited until two weeks before the deadline to claim his prize, saying he has been seeking financial advice on how to handle the windfall.

The Globe and Mail newspaper reports that Mr Sobeski might also need some legal advice, with two ex-wives apparently eager to share some of the winnings.

The paper reports that Nancy Ionson claims she is still married to Mr Sobeski although the couple, who were married in 1998, never lived together.

Ms Ionson says she was served with divorce papers in January, after Mr Sobeski had won but had still not claimed the winnings. She says she never signed those papers.

Also interested in a possible share is Mr Sobeski's first wife. Sherry Sobeski, who had custody of the couple's two children, says her ex-husband is in arrears with child payment supports.

Mr Sobeski, who went into bankruptcy in 1996, was not available for comment.

Last week, he said he planned to go abroad - to an unspecified destination - for a vacation.

[I guess that explains things.]

Quote du jour:

"Editors may think of themselves as dignified headwaiters in a well-run restaurant but more often [they] operate a snack bar . . . and expect you to be grateful that at least they got the food to the table warm."

-- Thomas Griffith (1915 - 2002) US writer, editor

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