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Updated: 02/14/02

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by Lisa Crihfield Dalby

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where did the powerpoint presentation go?

Thursday, 14 February, 2002

Happy Birthday to my boyfriends! Connor and Ian are a year old today! Hard to believe it - and I'm sure their parents [David and Kim] feel the same. Speaking of David, a belated Happy Birthday to him, since I forgot to mention his birthday yesterday. That's why he gets upper left billing today.

Had a great time last night with Joe and Diane, two of the "OOF Symposium" members. OOF stands for "Origins of Finite" [reinsurance], and is a tongue-in-check title involving an inside joke about a mutual friend. It is only funny to people in reinsurance, and even then it's REALLY only funny to those of us that are aware of the inside joke and sometimes it's not even . . .

ZZZzzzzzz. . .

OK, so we went to The Black Sheep pub [appropriately titled, IMHO] and had some beer and chicken fingers and messy pork sandwiches and gossiped outrageously. Joe retired [sort of] last year to Vermont, and he brought pictures of his lovely house/farm for us to see. Another OOF, Don, tried to find a way to join us for a while, but he had to be up in New York this morning so he did the mature thing and avoided us. We missed having the rest of the OOFs with us, so we agreed that we would have to do a better planning job next time to make sure we could all attend.

Maybe even get a Guest Speaker.

[Heh, heh, heh.]

Oh, yeah, Happy Valentine's Day. I sent some e-cards to Mom and Dad and have been studiously avoiding the candy that has invaded the office.

Mom sent me a note advising that Pinkie The Rat has gone to the Great Laboratory in the Sky. Poor Pinkie. I think Mom was starting to get used to having her little roommate around.

[Well, maybe not.]

We had a stressful morning. We have been working on a presentation for one of our clients that was due at noon today - thirty pages of charts, structure graphs, concept notes, etc. We've been working on it for two weeks and Jennifer and Kristin spent all day yesterday coordinating and formatting it. This morning I got in early so that I could review the latest version and make any last minute changes before we sent it off but when I went to the cupboard, it was bare. Or more specifically, the only version I could find was the old one before all of the changes were made yesterday. And the IT guys said they couldn't find the new version anywhere, so we would have to redo everything.

I was, um, TENSE. Yes, yes, I think TENSE was definitely in there.

But we split up all the pages and made the necessary changes and got everything done and sent off - only an hour late. Very proud of my Team.

Just got a call from a person I really like, but hate hearing from: Bill, my accountant. Reminding me that I have to do my taxes. Best money I spend all year is Bill's fee. He used to come to my condo and sit at my dining room table and work out the preliminary forms and I would attempt to make coffee for him. But now he knows all of it so well that I can just bundle up all of my crud and bring it to him and he calls me when it's finished.

[Either that or he's trying to tell me something about my coffee-making abilities.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"If this is coffee,
please bring me some tea;
but if this is tea,
please bring me some coffee."

-- Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

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