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Updated: 02/06/02

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Wednesday, 6 February, 2002

I awoke to my phone ringing this morning, which was a good thing, since it was 7:00 and my alarm hadn't gone off. It had a good reason for that - the electricity was off and the battery in the clock radio was dead. Don't know how long the power was out, but it was pretty darn chilly in the condo this morning. Luckily I had taken a bath last night before I went to bed, so at least I am not aromatically offensive today. Got ready for work by candlelight - I'm not entirely sure that I don't clash though.

The fish were looking a bit cold - there are heaters in both tanks which were obviously not running for several hours. The indoor fish normally swarm to the surface of the fishcage like a bunch of starving piranha whenever I walk by, hoping that I'll throw them a hunk of raw meat (or fish food), but today they were huddled near the rock in the tank, glaring at me. I want to say, "If you think you're cold, how do you think the outdoor fish are faring today - it's 17 degrees out there!"


The Alien crawled out of bed just before I left. She walked into the kitchen, ate a couple of bites of food, shivered and went back into the bedroom. Smart cat. I'm hoping everything will be turned on again when I get home.

Speaking of pets, Mom apparently has at least one rat that has taken up residence in the light fixture of her bathroom in Hawaii! Ewwwww. She seems to be a bit calmer about it than I would be. Nan and Don's cat, Callie, seems to have a taste for gekkos, but not rats, unfortunately.

Chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga. . . Spent lots of quality time on trains this week. Up in New York Monday for an afternoon meeting, return to Philly in the evening, back on a 7:39 a.m. train to Stamford yesterday. At least Amtrak allows one to still cut it close - none of this arriving two hours before departure business.

Had a bit of a surprise Monday night on the way home. Up in New York, the weather was fine, some high clouds, but nothing serious. I started reading my book . . .

[Side note here - I love Peter Mayle's books. If you haven't read them, and have any love of travel in your blood, I highly recommend them. Start with "A Year in Provence."]

. . . and I looked up around Trenton (halfway between NY and Philly) and there was three inches of snow on the ground! Uh oh - thinks I - wondering what was in store at home. But when we rolled into 30th Street Station, there was nothing. Our strange weather patterns continue.

Exciting news on the laptop front! Last week they said that they would order the new laptop for me, but I'd have to give up my desktop model, and use the laptop with a docking station in the office. They'll give me an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, and the new laptop is better, faster, can leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc., so what the heck. But the bad news - Kevin in IT said that IBM advises 4-6 weeks delivery time.


But then Kevin said it usually only takes 2-4 weeks.


And this morning Bill in IT said it will be here TOMORROW.


~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"If it weren't for electricity,
we'd all be watching television
by candlelight."

-- George Gobel (1919 - 1991)

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