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Updated: 02/07/02

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Thursday, 7 February, 2002

Arrived home yesterday to find a nearly frozen cat-sicle - at least that's what she said. Electricity finally went back on in the late afternoon, and she spent most of the evening trying to crawl inside my clothing to get warm. Too late, I remembered her little cat sweaters [which she hates]. She has two of them, one red and one blue. Maybe I should try them on and see if it keeps her warmer. I sense a photo op in the making.

I had kind of anticipated the lack of electricity as an excuse to go out to eat, but by the time dinner rolled around I really didn't feel like going back out so I made tacos and sat around with my pushy cat.

Speaking of pets once again, Mom did not agree with my suggestion that she name her pet rats that have invaded her bathroom. I thought that "Pinky" or "Whitey" would be good names for them, but she didn't. Maybe "Ratso Rizzo" or "Rat Buchanan"? I used to think about getting a ferret just so that I could name it "Ferret Fawcett", but luckily I have grown out of that.

No sign of the promised laptop, but I have been too busy to start harassing IT today. Perhaps tomorrow. I have to go to THE HOUSE tomorrow morning for a meeting and progress report. Haven't seen it in two weeks. I really hope it looks different.

Ellen and I are going to dinner with our friend George tonight. He's taking us to Roy's, so I will