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Updated: 01/28/05

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Friday, 28 January, 2005

Remember what I wrote about it being cold and raining in Little Cayman? Cold is relative, of course, but let's just say that I do not have a glowing tan after this trip. I will try to write up my trip report and post some photos this weekend.

Long story short - we made it back home around 8:00 p.m. Sunday night and Gary dropped me back at the airport at 7:00 a.m. the next morning for my trip to Bermuda. Given all the snow up in New England, the inbound plane from Hartford was about 5 hours late, so all in all it was a long day.

To top it all off, Bermuda was experiencing near record low temperatures, gale force winds and hail during our visit.

[Woo hoo!]

Normally in the morning we leave the house around 7:00. Gary drops me at the subway station at 2nd and Market and I catch the train to 15th and Market, scuttle through the underground concourse as far as I can and come up at 17th and JFK, which leaves me about 2 blocks to walk outside to my office. During the 2 block sprint this morning, it was so cold that halfway there my entire face felt like I had an ice cream headache.

Not as bad as it was last night, however. Again, normally Gary tries to pick me up on his way back into the city around 5:00 but he had some meetings that ran late so I planned to grab a taxi from the cab stand just across the street from my building.

No cabs. I waited for about ten minutes, until I could no longer feel my ears, then gave up and walked down to Market Street and caught one bus to 3rd and Market and another to 3rd and Poplar and walked two blocks home from there. Time for my 1.5 mile commute in the rush hour gridlock? Fifty-eight minutes.


We had another person inquire about buying the condo. The first people never called us back, so we arranged to meet this guy there last night to show it. He lives at Pier 3 now - in a one-bedroom unit on the second floor facing south. Very nice guy and I thought it was amusing that that he came in carrying a glass of champagne. [!?] He said he really liked the place, we told him our price and he said he would be meeting with his loan officer this week and would call us, but he really wanted to do the deal.

[Let's hope so.]

Congratulations to The Livingston family, who welcomed Barrett Bryan on Tuesday. The baby is doing fine, as is big sister Amelia. Best wishes to Mom Anne and Dad Jeffrey!

Quote du jour:

"A bit of talcum/ Is always walcum."

-- Ogden Nash

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