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Updated: 01/25/02

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Friday, 25 January, 2002

I went out with Ellen and Andrew last night after work. They have very kindly offered to throw me a huge birthday bash this fall over in the UK! Lots of people, food, dancing, exchanging vows . . . oh, well, maybe it's actually their wedding and it just so happens to be on my birthday. I shut up real quick when Andrew suggested that I could pay for half of it. I'll have to see if I can get schedule my fall marketing trip to London around the same time so I don't have to fly over twice.

Chuckling over James Lileks' Backfence column in the Star Tribune this morning. He was off on a tear about annoying Spokescreatures - his readership appears to be pretty evenly split between hating the Dell Computer guy and AT&T's Carrot Top. Have to admit, whilst I dislike the Dell Dude, it is nowhere near the intense LOATHING I feel for Carrot Top. AT&T, if you're listening - I am tempted to actually change my long distance carrier to someone else as a direct result of the Carrot Top ads.

I mean, what is the logic in having a Spokescreature that angers / nauseates / repulses the viewing public? I understand that through these ads AT&T has achieved one of the key objectives in marketing: name recognition. But if that name recognition is only used to remind people NOT to buy the product or service being offered, one might suggest that it has in fact lost the war. I still refuse to purchase Snuggle fabric softener due to that smarmy, annoying little bear.

While I was looking for a picture of Carrot Top, I happened upon a website called Am I Annoying Or Not. I was surprised to note that while Carrot Top is indeed in the Top One Hundred Most Annoying People, he's only #61 and was beaten by Loni Anderson, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald McDonald, among others. I have my suspicions about the validity of the rankings, especially since both the Energizer Bunny and Barney the Purple Dinosaur made it onto the LEAST Annoying list. Don't see Snuggle Bear anywhere.

But enough about annoyances. Looking at a catalogue from R. Crusoe & Son detailing a nine day trip to Mandalay, with stops in Bangkok, Yangon (Rangoon) and a cruise on the Irrawaddy River. Ahhhh. . . that's more like it. There's also an Amazon river trip, from either the Brazilian or Peruvian side. Or maybe I should just splurge and do the Around The World 24 day private jet tour of Easter Island, Samoa, Ayers Rock, Angkor - Cambodia, Kathmandu, the Taj Mahal, Muscat - Oman, Tanzania, Petra - Jordan, Marrakech, Bamako and Timbuktu. All yours for only $39,950.

[Maybe not.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Life consists of a lot of minor annoyances
and a few matters of real consequence."

-- Harvey Penick (1905 - 1995)

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